Currently working in real estate?

Are you working to survive (pay your office bill) or are you working to succeed and flourish?

Last years statistics indicated that the average income for real estate professionals in Canada was $ 53,000.00 before expenses. Over the last 10 years 75% of our real estate professionals were above the national average. We are looking to add real estate professionals to our office who are interested in working to succeed and flourish.

Our RRI On Demand training program covers the following areas:

Lifetime Referral System ; Telephone Marketing; Door knocking Lead System; Geographical Farming Lead System; Profitable Open Houses; Agent Referral Networking; Social Media & Online Marketing; Lead follow Up and Conversion; Listing Mastery; Buyer Mastery; Goal Setting Simplified; Business Planning Simplified; Time Management and Financial Mastery.

If you would like to see how the system works send us an email identifying one of the above areas and we will be pleased to give you 48 hour access to that section. All we need is Name and email address
If you are interested in learning how we might be able to help you move from working to survive to working to succeed and flourish


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