Neall Stevens
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Sales Representative & Broker & Owner
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Helping others to become the best they can be
This has been one of the driving forces behind me since I began in the health care in 1960. At first it applied to patients under my care, then to staff working in my department or in the hospital. Upon leaving healthcare in 1995 I brought this desire with me when I became involved in real estate.

I believe it is easy to take on a bunch of realtors and hope that some do well, knowing that others will not make it in the long run.

But it is more rewarding to work with realtors so they become successful and the kind of realtor I would want to have selling my most valuable possession, my home. I have also come to realize that experienced realtors are often very successful at selling real estate but often at the expense of paying attention to their own life.

This is why I see personal development as an important aspect of a realtor’s continuing education.


Attention to detail has been another driving force as it seems trying to out corners generally means the patient/client might be the one get the short end of the stick. This often means looking at the possible outcomes and impact they will have on the parties concerned. Perhaps this is why one lawyer early in my real estate career told me that I tended to be proactive rather than waiting to see what happens and than reacting.

As a broker/owner reviving listing contracts and offer to purchase contracts coming into the office, I found that attention to detail was just as important as it was in providing care to people in health care.
Thus I encourage the realtors in the office to take the time required to deal with details of the various aspects of service to their clients.

I am pleased that we have a group of realtors that see this as an important aspect of their service they provide.

Buying or selling a home is a very emotional time and selecting a realtor is very important aspect in the process. As the broker/owner I would feel comfortable having any of the realtors in my office helping me through this process.
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